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Hi!  My name is Kate and if I had to label my eating habits, I suppose I’d tell you I eat “quasi-vegan-ish” and “free of various allergens”.  What exactly do I mean by that?  So glad you asked…  :)

First, the things I choose.  I choose not to eat any animals products except for wild seafood and eggs from happy sources (cage-free, vegetarian-diet fed, etc).  My decision to not eat meat rests mostly on the fact that I object to the system of industrial meat production, not so much the act of killing an animal for food in and of itself.  Same concern regarding the industry goes for dairy, which I’ve recently given up for good.  The other factor in my choice to not eat meat/dairy is for health reasons, but I’ll let my nutrition and fitness guru tell you more about that.

All of this having been said, I remain pretty unjudgmental about others’ eating habits.  This is because I freely admit that maybe I am just crazy and animals don’t mind living in poor conditions as much as I fear they do.  I very well may be the wrong one here…but in the meantime, I’m going to go with my gut.  :)  And maybe do my small part to encourage people to loosen up on our American meat-centric view of food, and have a little more fun with their vegetable sometimes!

Second, the things I didn’t choose.  I have known for about 5 years now that I am strictly unable to eat soy.  I found this out after originally going vegetarian and making myself sick from soy milk for a couple weeks straight before I figured it out.  A lot of experimenting ensued (“well, what about whole edamame?”, “or maybe tempeh or miso–that’s fermented!”), as well as a lot of stomach aches, but the verdict is that I just can’t eat soy.

Even after discerning that problem, I still suffered from pretty constant stomach aches for no apparent reason.  I tried lots of different tweaks to my eating habits, but nothing else worked until my doctor suggested I look into lactose intolerance a couple years ago.  Again a lot of experimenting ensued (milk’s out, what about butter, or ghee? or yogurt, or cheese, or kefir? or goat’s milk?), but eventually I just gave up dairy altogether after I decided I had concerns about the industry as a whole.  And yet still–many stomach aches remained.

Finally, about three months ago, I began taking seriously the idea of looking into gluten intolerance.  I gave it up cold turkey and then about two or three weeks later…the stomach aches were all gone.  All, gone.  It’s difficult to explain just how awesome it is to suddenly be free of stomaches, when you previously had them almost every day of your life.  I liken it to the relief you feel when an annoying car alarm finally shuts up…except that car alarm has been going off for years.  As such, I’ve become a pretty ardent supporter of all sorts of “allergen-free” products and efforts.  I finally feel like a ‘normal’ person.  Life is good.

Anyhoo, enough about my eating habits–let’s talk about the birth of the blog!  In recent months I’ve found that I’ve accumulated a bit of food/nutrition knowledge from my long-running armchair enthusiasm for the subject.  So, instead of letting all that reading go to waste, I hope to share what I’ve learned all in one place, so that others don’t have to hop all over the internet and their local library like I’ve done.  I hope to be a worthwhile aggregator of nutritional fitness knowledge, and a handy resource of recipes to help you pursue your own nutritional goals.

In short, I want to get people excited about experimenting in the kitchen for their own health!  I want people to get more excited about vegetables!  :)  Now if you’ll excuse me, I think there’s an adventure waiting to be had in the kitchen…


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